Demo Tape

by Giant's Knife

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released 10 October 2013



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Track Name: It's Pouring
I, I wish
I could take a little shelter somewhere
Smell, wet air
I know the rain will soon be here
Grey face shaped
Cold, wet, tired, exposed I'm bare

*It's raining and pouring
Were drinking on the floor
From the fear of the storm
Watching the clouds transform*

Shake my bones
The feeling of a strong spell oh
Light fire vine
Bright sky skeletons fall from hell

Hard, scarred skin
Must make room for lesions again
Strike heart beat
Blacken capillaries charred in
Shortest route
To the ground whatevers tallest there
I, I wish
I could take a little shelter somewhere
Track Name: Foodstamps
I like the new Clint Eastwood movie

I can't wait to live off of Foodstamps
Track Name: Rounds
Beach life is how I wanna live
Getting seashells in the sun
Skin turns brown from all the rays
It is the best kind of fun

Room 204, where magic happens
All the secrets never leave
The beautiful ocean side city
I feel here I would achieve

*Standing out by the water
We are, hoping it won't rain
Rooming next to a hooker
Doing, Rounds there is no pain*

The ocean is blue and green
The waves have a salty taste
Yellow sun burns hot on skin
We need Aloe Vera paste

Hookah bars are relaxing
Smokinh Shesha while drawing
Almost went to jail day two
Being drunk without falling

Staying next to all crack heads
Maid bumming some ciggarettes
Walking dangerous city streets
We all lost our money bets

Driving while high and mighty
Running away from the state
Sitting in the dark of night
While down here there is no hate
Track Name: Milk Thistle
You blow your whistle
but now I will not follow
Track Name: Let It Burn
As I start to slip away
You scare me so that I stay
Now my dreams will have to wait
Sleep tonight is not my fate

We have been here times before
Close in bed so not the floor
Sometimes no sometimes it's yes
Next day I'm always a mess

Wake up with pain in my chest
Just like I'm one of the rest
Coughing that makes my ribs hurt
Keeping me nice and alert

That's how you know it was good
The night went just like it should
Laying in bed reflecting
Events that are affecting

Do not think before we do
We end up regretting too
Not regret because we learn
Next time we will Let It Burn

la la la let it burn
Track Name: Jungle
Lets, run and have fun
Playing in the jungle sun
Leaves and rocks and honey bun
The sky gets dark and now were done

Hot, and sweaty day
Look it's a baby blue jay
Wait I, I want to play
I want more than just to lay

*la la la la la la la*

Down, down on the ground
Find me like a blood hound
That was found at the pound
Don't make another sound

The king wants to tag me now
running so not to bow
Safe you, you hear a pow
It I will not allow